Latest publications Annual Report 2017

16/10/2017, Joint Publications, The team

Social protection in East Africa: harnessing the future

11/09/2017, One Pager, Alexander Pick

Behavioural insights in poverty reduction policies

11/08/2017, Policy Research Brief, Antonio Claret Campos Filho , Luis Henrique Paiva

Brazilian fiscal policy in perspective: from expansion to austerity

11/08/2017, Working Paper, Rodrigo Octávio Orair, Sergio Wulff Gobetti

The social dimensions of Saudi Vision 2030: a paradigm shift

11/08/2017, One Pager, Amina Said Alsayyad, Abdel-Hameed Nawar

From expansion to austerity: challenges and risks of the radical fiscal policy turn in Brazil

11/08/2017, One Pager, Rodrigo Octávio Orair, Sergio Wulff Gobetti

Fostering food purchase programmes in widespread poverty contexts: targeting smallholders within the PAA Africa Programme in Niger

06/07/2017, Working Paper, Rosana Pereira de Miranda, Amadou Diop, PAA Africa targeting in Niger