The IPC-IG attends the Asia-Pacific Social Protection Week 2019

By Geovanna Oliveira



*By Mariana de Brito, Communications Intern

12 September 2019 - From 9 to 12 September, the IPC-IG’s Researcher, Anna Carolina Machado, and Senior Project Officer, Mariana Balboni, are at Manila, Philippines, to attend the Asia-Pacific Social Protection Week 2019 (APSP 2019). The event, organised by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), gathers leaders in political and development arenas, programme heads, researchers, policy-makers and experts from all over the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities to expand social protection in the region.





The APSP 2019 is a response to demographic shifts and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event’s programme covers important issues such as social assistance, sustainable financing, pension reforms, aging and elderly care, climate change and disaster resilience, the use of digital technology for service delivery, and the roles of government leaders and development agencies.

Ms. Machado highlights some important sessions:

Day 2 

The first session of the day was dedicated to discussing the future of work and the relevance to strength social protection systems against the challenges of the 21st Century, especially the changing nature of work, demographic shift and climate change.

  • The Changing World of Work: Challenges for Social Protection Systems - Technology, New Forms of Employment and Social Protection

The session was dedicated to discussing new forms of employment, especially digital work: GIG economy and new types of employer/employee relationships as posed by new digital platforms. The panelists debated how the public and private sectors can work in innovative ways to expand coverage of social protection to the ‘missing middle’ (informal workers who do not benefit from social security schemes, but often do not qualify to receive anti-poverty social protection benefits).

  • Child Benefits in Asia: Experiences from Implementation

Representatives from Indonesia, Mongolia and Thailand presented their experiences and lessons learnt in expanding social protection for Children. The session was moderated by Andrea Rossi (UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific).

Some of the APSP 2019’s sessions are being live-streamed by our colleagues from Join them!





Anna Carolina Machado, Mariana Balboni and Aline Peres ( attend the APSP 2019 at Manila, Philippines


*Under the supervision of Isabelle Marie, Junior Knowledge Manager