Author:Abdel-Hameed Nawar
Macroeconomic Policies

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Abstract: This paper examines the substantive pros and cons of the multidimensional poverty index (MPI) recently developed by Oxford University’s Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI). It provides comparative cross-country and country-specific discussion on multidimensional poverty and inequality in the non-income space, with a special reference to the countries in the Arab region. Despite the large degree of subjectivity in selecting the dimensions and the cut-off threshold (k=3) determining the minimum number of dimensions required to identify whether or not a household is multidimensionally poor, the MPI has an important advantage of capturing more dimensions of human deprivations and includes both the level of human deprivation and a measure of the intensity of poverty using micro survey data. (…)

keywords: Poverty and Inequality in the Non-income Multidimensional Space: a Critical Review in the Arab States
Date Publication: 03/01/2013 (All day)
Type/Issue: Working Paper / 103
Language: English