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Universal social protection: a target for all Mariana Balboni, Aline Peres Policy In Focus 45 13/12/2019 English
Rural poverty reduction in the 21st century Ryan Nehring, Ana Paula de la O Campos Policy In Focus 44 10/04/2019 English
Social protection: meeting children’s rights and needs Anna Carolina Machado, Charlotte Bilo Policy In Focus 43 12/12/2018 English
Minimum wage: global challenges and perspectives Sergei Soares Policy In Focus 42 10/09/2018 English
Women at work: addressing the gaps Carolina Robino, Raquel Tebaldi Policy In Focus 41 08/03/2018 English
Social protection after the Arab Spring Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, Fábio Veras Soares Policy In Focus 40 14/12/2017 English
Debating Graduation Fábio Veras Soares, Ian Orton Policy In Focus 39 06/07/2017 English
Social protection: towards gender equality Raquel Tebaldi, Flora Myamba Policy In Focus 38 10/03/2017 English
A new urban paradigm: pathways to sustainable development Michael MacLennan Policy In Focus 37 06/12/2016 English
Food and nutrition security: towards the full realisation of human rights Lívia Maria da Costa Nogueira, Flavio Luiz Schieck, Valente and Veruska Prado Policy In Focus 36 03/10/2016 English
Health policy in emerging economies: innovations and challenges Pedro Lara de Arruda, Jeni Vaitsman Policy In Focus 35 13/06/2016 English
Public policies for the strengthening of family farming in the Global South Thomas Patriota, Francesco Maria Pierri Policy In Focus 34 17/12/2015 English
Is there a Brazilian model of development? Armando Barrientos, Edmund Amann Policy In Focus 33 09/12/2015 English
Social Protection, Entrepreneurship and Labour Market Activation Fábio Veras Soares, Carolina Robino Policy In Focus 32 11/09/2015 English
The Impact of Cash Transfers on Local Economies Stephanie Levy Policy In Focus 31 14/05/2015 English
National Transfer Accounts and Generational Flows Bernardo L. Queiroz Policy In Focus 30 11/12/2014 English
Development without Deforestation Carlos Ferreira de Abreu Castro, Guilherme B. R. Lambais Policy In Focus 29 13/08/2014 English
Youth and Employment among the BRICS Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, Pedro Lara de Arruda Policy In Focus 28 01/04/2014 English
Protagonist Women Diana Oya Sawyer, Ashleigh Kate Slingsby Policy In Focus 27 01/03/2014 English
On the Middle Class Michael MacLennan, Beatriz Judice Magalhães Policy In Focus 26 01/10/2013 English
Recent Developments in the Role and Design of Social Protection Programmes Fabio Veras Soares, Radhika Lal, Ryan Higgitt Policy In Focus 25 01/09/2013 English
The Role of South-South Cooperation in Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural Development: Focus on Africa Leisa Perch, Ammad Bahalim, Lidia Cabral, Alex Shankland Policy In Focus 24 15/06/2012 English
Dimensions of Inclusive Development Leisa Perch, Gabriel Labbate Policy In Focus 23 24/11/2011 English
Can Social Protection Help Promote Inclusive Growth? Melissa Andrade, Fabio Veras Soares, Radhika Lal, Rathin Roy Policy In Focus 22 19/11/2010 English
What can IBSA Offer to the Global Community? Melissa Andrade, Fabio Veras Soares, Radhika Lal Policy In Focus 21 20/08/2010 English
South-South Cooperation – The Same Old Game or a New Paradigm? Rathin Roy, Melissa Andrade Policy In Focus 20 09/04/2010 English
The MDGs and Beyond: Pro-Poor Policy in a Changing World Andy Sumner, Claire Melamed Policy In Focus 19 15/01/2010 English
Equitable Access to Basic Utilities: Public versus Private Provision and Beyond Degol Hailu, Raquel Tsukada Policy In Focus 18 01/08/2009 English
Indigenising Development Alcida Rita Ramos, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, José Pimenta Policy In Focus 17 13/05/2009 English
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – The Policy Challenge Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 16 24/11/2008 English
Cash Transfers – Lessons from Africa and Latin America Degol Hailu, Fabio Veras Soares Policy In Focus 15 15/08/2008 English
PSIA – Gauging Poverty Impacts Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 14 01/04/2008 English
Gender Equality Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 13 06/12/2007 English
Does Aid Work?-for the MDGs Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 12 01/10/2007 English
Analysing and Achieving Pro-Poor Growth Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 10 20/03/2007 English
The challenge of Inequality Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 11 30/06/2007 English
What is poverty? Concepts and measures Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 9 11/12/2006 English
Social protection - the role of cash transfers Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 8 12/06/2006 English
Poverty in the City Alejandro Grinspun Policy In Focus 7 15/08/2005 English
Celso Furtado Alejandro Grinspun Policy In Focus 6 15/04/2005 English
AIDS Alejandro Grinspun Policy In Focus 5 15/02/2005 English
Dollar a day - how much does it say? Alejandro Grinspun Policy In Focus 4 16/09/2004 English
The Challenge of Poverty Alejandro Grinspun Policy In Focus 3 13/05/2004 English
Children and Poverty Alejandro Grinspun Policy In Focus 2 15/03/2004 English
Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean Alejandro Grinspun Policy In Focus 1 13/02/2004 English