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A proposal for the unification of social protection benefits for children, youth and those vulnerable to poverty Sergei Soares, Letícia Bartholo, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 187 05/11/2019 English
Education, cooperative conflicts and child malnutrition—a gender-sensitive analysis of the determinants of wasting in Sudan Lea Smidt Working Paper 186 07/10/2019 English
Computing pre-conflict poverty data in Syria Samer Hamati Working Paper 185 09/09/2019 English
HIV-inclusive and -sensitive cash transfer initiatives: evidence from high-prevalence countries in Eastern and Southern Africa Pedro Lara de Arruda Working Paper 184 10/07/2019 English
The impacts of social protection benefits on behaviours potentially related to economic growth: a literature review Luis Henrique Paiva, Santiago Falluh Varella Working Paper 183 12/06/2019 English
Tax reform in Brazil: guiding principles and proposals under debate Rodrigo Octávio Orair, Sergio Wulff Gobetti Working Paper 182 08/05/2019 English
A universal child grant in Brazil: what must we do, and what can we expect from it? Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares, Graziela Ansiliero, Aline Diniz Amaral, Pedro H. G. Ferreira de Souza, Luis Henrique Paiva Working Paper 181 10/04/2019 English
Fiscal justice in Brazil: pathways to progress Luana Passos, Dyeggo Rocha Guedes , Fernando Gaiger Silveira Working Paper 180 08/03/2019 English
Perspectives on tax reform in Brazil Marc Morgan Working Paper 179 08/03/2019 English
How can cash transfer programmes work for women and children? A review of gender- and child-sensitive design features Anne Esser, Charlotte Bilo, Raquel Tebaldi Working Paper 178 08/02/2019 English
Aligning policy and legal frameworks for supporting smallholder farming through public food procurement: the case of home-grown school feeding programmes Luana F. J. Swensson Working Paper 177 12/12/2018 English
Public food procurement from smallholder farmers: literature review and best practices Ana Miranda Working Paper 176 12/12/2018 English
Zimbabwe’s social protection system and its harmonized social cash transfer programme Pedro Arruda Working Paper 175 10/10/2018 English
From income poverty to multidimensional poverty—an international comparison Francesco Burchi, Nicole Rippin, Claudio E. Montenegro Working Paper 174 10/09/2018 English
Mozambique's social protection system: an overview of the Basic Social Subsidy Programme (PSSB), the Direct Social Action Programme (PASD), the Productive Social Action Programme (PASP) and the Social Assistance Services (PAUS) Pedro Arruda Working Paper 173 10/09/2018 English
A brief history of Malawi’s Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP) Pedro Lara Arruda Working Paper 172 08/08/2018 English
The distributive impact of income taxes in Brazil Rodrigo Cardoso Fernandes, Bernardo Campolina, Fernando Gaiger Silveira Working Paper 171 06/07/2018 English
PAA Africa's contributions to the consolidation of PRONAE in Mozambique Carolina Milhorance de Castro Working Paper 170 07/06/2018 English
The role of zakat in the provision of social protection: a comparison between Jordan, Palestine and Sudan Anna Carolina Machado, Charlotte Bilo, Imane Helmy Working Paper 168 11/05/2018 English
Integration of administrative records for social protection policies: contributions from the Brazilian experience Letícia Bartholo, Joana Mostafa, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 169 11/05/2018 English
A history of inequality: top incomes in Brazil, 1926–2015 Pedro H. G. Ferreira de Souza Working Paper 167 13/04/2018 English
Tax on Large Fortunes: the recent international debate and the situation in Brazil Pedro Carvalho Jr., Luana Passos Working Paper 166 09/03/2018 English
Income inequality, growth and elite taxation in Brazil: new evidence combining survey and fiscal data, 2001–2015 Marc Morgan Working Paper 165 16/02/2018 English
The Brazilian Government Severance Indemnity Fund for Employees (FGTS) and unemployment insurance savings accounts in other countries: a comparative analysis of their effects on the labour market Luiza Neves de Holanda Barbosa, Miguel Nathan Foguel, Charlotte Bilo Working Paper 164 14/12/2017 English
The concentration of income at the top in Brazil, 2006-2014 Pedro Herculano Guimarães Ferreira de Souza, Marcelo Medeiros Working Paper 163 15/11/2017 English
Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) project in Manica, Mozambique: baseline survey report Mario Gyori, Tatiana Martínez Zavala, Jessica Baier, Maria Hernandez, Sofie Olsson, Alexis Lefevre Working Paper 162 16/10/2017 English
Implementation of decentralised food procurement programmes and the impact of the policy, institutional and legal enabling environment: the case of PRONAE and PAA Africa in Mozambique Luana F. J. Swensson, Israel Klug Working Paper 161 11/09/2017 English
Brazilian fiscal policy in perspective: from expansion to austerity Rodrigo Octávio Orair, Sergio Wulff Gobetti Working Paper 160 11/08/2017 English
Fostering food purchase programmes in widespread poverty contexts: targeting smallholders within the PAA Africa Programme in Niger Rosana Pereira de Miranda, Amadou Diop, PAA Africa targeting in Niger Working Paper 159 06/07/2017 English
Targeting farmers in institutional procurement programmes: case study of the PAA Africa Programme in Senegal Rosana Pereira de Miranda, Abdoulaye Thiam, Israel Klug Working Paper 158 06/07/2017 English
A case for institutional demand as effective social protection: supporting smallholders through procurement and food assistance programmes Ryan Nehring, Ana Carla Miranda, Andrew Howe Working Paper 157 08/06/2017 English
Energy, poverty and development: a primer for the Sustainable Development Goals Hannah Goozee Working Paper 156 12/05/2017 English
Social policy in Brazil (2004–2014): an overview Patricia Andrade de Oliveira e Silva Working Paper 155 10/04/2017 English
Human development and land tenure in Brazil Alexandre Arbex Valadares, Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Nikolas de Camargo Pirani Working Paper 154 10/02/2017 English
Family farming in Europe and Central Asia: history, characteristics, threats and potentials Jan Douwe van der Ploeg Working Paper 153 06/12/2016 English
Family farms of North America John Ikerd Working Paper 152 06/12/2016 English
Family farming in the Near East and North Africa Ray Bush Working Paper 151 06/12/2016 English
Family farming in sub-Saharan Africa: its contribution to agriculture, food security and rural development Sam Moyo Working Paper 150 10/11/2016 English
Concepts and realities of family farming in Asia and the Pacific Jingzhong Ye, Lu Pan Working Paper 139 10/11/2016 English
Effects of domestic worker legislation reform in Brazil Joana Simões de Melo Costa Working Paper 149 07/10/2016 English
Family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean: looking for new paths of rural development and food security Sergio Schneider Working Paper 137 07/10/2016 English
Overview of Chilean and Peruvian social policies: impressions from a study tour Pedro Lara de Arruda, Luísa A. Nazareno, Manoel Salles, Juliana Alves, Amelie Courau Working Paper 148 08/09/2016 English
Impact of school day extension on educational outcomes: evidence from Mais Educação in Brazil Luis Felipe Batista de Oliveira, Rafael Terra Working Paper 147 12/08/2016 English
Familial effects on youth smoking in Brazil Alberto Palloni, Laetícia De Souza, Letícia Junqueira Marteleto Working Paper 146 12/08/2016 English
The single registry as a tool for the coordination of social policies Denise do Carmo Direito, Natália Massaco Koga, Elaine Cristina Lício, Jeniffer Carla de Paula N. Chaves Working Paper 145 06/07/2016 English
Brazil–Africa knowledge-sharing on Social Protection and food and nutrition security Cristina Cirillo, Lívia Maria da Costa Nogueira, Fábio Veras Soares Working Paper 143 13/06/2016 English
The effects of conditionality monitoring on educational outcomes: evidence from Brazil’s Bolsa Família programme Luis Henrique Paiva, Fábio Veras Soares, Flavio Cireno, Iara Azevedo Vitelli Viana, Ana Clara Duran Working Paper 144 13/06/2016 English
Public policies for rural development and combating poverty in rural areas Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Pedro Arruda, Izabelle Vieira, Simone Battestin, Áquila Estevão Campos, Wesley Silva Working Paper 142 13/05/2016 English
Climate change and impacts on family farming in the North and Northeast of Brazil Haroldo Machado Filho, Cássia Moraes, Paula Bennati, Renato de Aragão Rodrigues, Marcela Guilles, Pedro Rocha, Amanda Lima, Isadora Vasconcelos Working Paper 141 13/05/2016 English
Fiscal condition of the public sector in Brazil: an analysis with an emphasis on the states in the North and Northeast regions of the country and on financing for rural development Rodrigo Octávio Orair, Sergio Wulf Gobetti , André Amorim Alencar, João Marcelo Working Paper 140 08/04/2016 English
Poverty profile: the rural North and Northeast of Brazil Sergei Soares, Laetícia De Souza, Wesley J. Silva, Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Áquila Campos Working Paper 138 08/04/2016 English
Scale of Institutional Public Procurement of Food in Brazil Rovane Battaglin Schwengber, Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro, Fábio Veras Soares, Rodrigo Octávio Orair Working Paper 134 13/11/2015 English
Taxation and distribution of income in Brazil: new evidence from personal income tax data Sérgio Wulff Gobetti , Rodrigo Octávio Orair Working Paper 136 05/02/2016 English
Education through the lens of sustainable human development Gianna Alessandra Sanchez Moretti Working Paper 135 04/02/2016 English
Stunting Among Children in Yemen: Prevalence and Associated Factors Laetícia Rodrigues de Souza Working Paper 133 12/06/2015 English
Are Public Works Programmes Effective in Reinforcing Social Protection Systems? Ojijo Odhiambo, Johannes Ashipala, Fabian Mubiana Working Paper 132 06/02/2015 English
Liquidity Constraints, Informal Financing, and Entrepreneurship: Direct and Indirect Effects of a Cash Transfer Programme Rafael P. Ribas Working Paper 131 06/11/2014 English
Social Programmes and Job Promotion for the BRICS Youth Pedro Lara de Arruda , Ashleigh Kate Slingsby Working Paper 130 10/10/2014 English
An Exploratory Analysis Of The Effects Of The Formalisation Policy For Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs Carlos Henrique L. Corseuil, Marcelo Neri, Gabriel Ulyssea Working Paper 129 05/09/2014 English
The Evolution of the Middle Class in Latin America Leopoldo Tornarolli Working Paper 128 13/08/2014 English
Domestic Resources for Development Financing In Namibia — Constraints and Opportunities Ojijo Odhiambo, Emmanuel Ziramba Working Paper 127 13/06/2014 English
Cadastro Único: a Registry Supported by a National Public Bank Joana Mostafa, Natália G. D. Sátyro Working Paper 126 09/05/2014 English
Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index and Tackling Interlocking Deprivations in the Arab States Abdel-Hameed Nawar Working Paper 125 09/05/2014 English
Land Grab in Africa: A Review of Emerging Issues and Implications for Policy Options Ayodele F. Odusola Working Paper 124 01/04/2014 English
Sustainable Agriculture: An Assessment of Brazil’s Family Farm Programmes in Scaling Up Agroecological Food Production Ben McKay, Ryan Nehring Working Paper 123 01/03/2014 English
The Poor, the Prosperous and the ‘Inbetweeners’: A Fresh Perspective on Global Society, Inequality and Growth Peter Edward, Andy Sumner Working Paper 122 01/03/2014 English
A Substitute for Substitution: Bolsa Família’s Effects on the Combination of Work And School for Children and Adolescents Aged 10-18 Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Ross van Horn, Bernardo Campolina Working Paper 121 12/12/2013 English
The Impact of the Expansion of the Bolsa Família Programme on the Time Allocation of Youths and Labour Supply of Adults Lia Chitolina, Miguel Nathan Foguel, Naercio Menezes-Filho Working Paper 120 12/12/2013 English
The Impact of the Programa Bolsa Família on Grade Repetition: Results from the Single Registry, Attendance Project and School Census Luis Felipe Batista de Oliveira , Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares Working Paper 119 18/11/2013 English
Bolsa Família, Occupational Choice and Informality in Brazil Ana Luiza Neves de Holanda Barbosa, Carlos Henrique L. Corseuil Working Paper 118 18/11/2013 English
A Re-examination of the Expected Years of Schooling: What Can It Tell US? José Irineu Rangel Rigotti, Diana Oya Sawyer, Laetícia Rodrigues de Souza, Clarissa Guimarães Rodrigues Working Paper 117 18/11/2013 English
Human Development Income Transfers in the Longer Term Armando Barrientos Working Paper 116 18/11/2013 English
Fiscal Equity: Distributional Impacts of Taxation and Social Spending in Brazil Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Fernando Rezende, Jose Roberto Afonso, Jhonatan Ferreira Working Paper 115 25/10/2013 English
Opportunities for Advancing Women’s Sustainable and Green Livelihoods Food Security, Small-scale Women Farmers and Climate Change in Caribbean SIDS Nidhi Tandon Working Paper 114 25/10/2013 English
Colonialism, Casteism and Development: South-South Cooperation as a ‘New’ Development Paradigm Ryan Higgitt Working Paper 112 30/07/2013 English
The Future of Global Poverty in a Multi-Speed World: New Estimates of Scale, Location and Cost Peter Edward, Andy Sumner Working Paper 111 14/06/2013 English
The Social Policies of Emerging Economies: Growth and Welfare in China and India Arjan de Haan Working Paper 110 01/06/2013 English
Promoting Human Development in India: Costs of Inequality M. H. Suryanarayana, Ankush Agrawal Working Paper 109 01/05/2013 English
Global Development Goal Setting as a Policy Tool for Global Governance: Intended and Unintended Consequences Sakiko Fukuda-Parr Working Paper 108 01/04/2013 English
Couple’s Behaviour in the Brazilian Labour Market: the Influence of Social Security and Individual Characteristics on Married Individuals’ Labour Supply Decisions Bernardo Queiroz, Laetícia Rodrigues de Souza Working Paper 107 01/04/2013 English
Scaling Up Local Development Initiatives: Brazil’s Food Acquisition Programme Ryan Nehring, Ben McKay Working Paper 106 15/03/2013 English
Mapping Inclusive Growth Raquel Almeida Ramos, Rafael Ranieri, Jan-Willem Lammes Working Paper 105 01/03/2013 English
Inclusive Growth: Building up a Concept Rafael Ranieri, Raquel Almeida Ramos Working Paper 104 01/03/2013 English
Poverty and Inequality in the Non-income Multidimensional Space: a Critical Review in the Arab States Abdel-Hameed Nawar Working Paper 103 01/03/2013 English
Robust Estimates of Changes in Poverty and Inequality in Post-Independence Namibia Sebastian Levine, Benjamin Roberts Working Paper 102 13/12/2012 English
Analytical Framework for Evaluating the Productive Impact of Cash Transfer Programmes on Household Behaviour – Methodological Guidelines for the From Protection to Production Project Solomon Asfaw, Silvio Daidone, Benjamin Davis, Josh Dewbre, Alessandro Romeo , Paul Winters, Katia Covarrubias, Habiba Djebbari Working Paper 101 13/12/2012 English
Qualitative Research and Analyses of the Economic Impacts of Cash Transfer Programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa – a Research Guide Prepared for the from Protection to Production Project Oxford Policy Management Working Paper 100 13/12/2012 English
A Methodology for Local Economy-Wide Impact Evaluation (LEWIE) of Cash Transfers J. Edward Taylor Working Paper 99 13/12/2012 English
Poverty Where People Live: What do National Poverty Lines Tell us about Global Poverty? Ugo Gentilini, Andy Sumner Working Paper 98 13/12/2012 English
Financial Flows and Exchange Rates: Challenges Faced by Developing Countries Raquel Almeida Ramos Working Paper 97 08/11/2012 English
The Welfare Impacts of Changes in the Brazilian Domestic Work Market Edson Paulo Domingues , Kênia Barreiro de Souza Working Paper 96 08/11/2012 English
China and The World: South-South Cooperation for Inclusive Green Growth Kishan Khoday, Leisa Perch Working Paper 95 08/11/2012 English
Macroeconomic Vulnerability in Developing Countries: Approaches and Issues Anuradha Seth , Amr Ragab Working Paper 94 20/05/2012 English
Rethinking Global Poverty Measurement Khalid Abu-Ismail , Gihan Abou Taleb, Racha Ramadan Working Paper 93 16/04/2012 English
Towards a Common Vision: Pulling Together or Apart? A Review of Sub-national Patterns of Multiple Deprivation in Namibia Ojijo Odhiambo Working Paper 92 16/04/2012 English
Development from Below: Social Accountability in Natural Resource Management Kishan Khoday, Leisa Perch Working Paper 91 29/02/2012 English
Macroeconomic Determinants of Exit from Aid-Dependence Degol Hailu, Admasu Shiferaw Working Paper 90 29/02/2012 English
Bolsa Família, its Design, its Impacts and Possibilities for the Future Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares Working Paper 89 29/02/2012 English
Is there Fiscal Space for Financing an Arab Development Transformation? Khalid Abu-Ismail , Rathin Roy, Raquel Almeida Ramos Working Paper 88 29/02/2012 English
Poverty, Inequality and Social Policies in Brazil, 1995-2009 Pedro H. G. Ferreira de Souza Working Paper 87 29/02/2012 English
IMF Article IV Reports: An Analysis of Policy Recommendations Rathin Roy, Raquel Almeida Ramos Working Paper 86 29/02/2012 English
Assessment of the Implications of the Bolsa Família Programme for the Decent Work Agenda Ana Flávia Machado , Gustavo Geaquinto Fontes , Mariangela Furlan Antigo, Roberto Henrique Gonzalez, Fabio Veras Soares Working Paper 85 28/10/2011 English
Integrating Public Works and Cash Transfers in Ethiopia: Implications for Social Protection, Employment and Decent Work Maikel Lieuw-Kie-Song Working Paper 84 31/08/2011 English
Snakes and Ladders, Buffers and Passports: Rethinking Poverty, Vulnerability and Wellbeing Andy Sumner, Rich Mallett Working Paper 83 31/08/2011 English
Externality and Behavioural Change Effects of a Non-Randomised CCT Programme: Heterogeneous Impact on the Demand for Health and Education Clarissa Gondim Teixeira, Fabio Veras Soares, Rafael Perez Ribas, Elydia Silva, Guilherme Issamu Hirata Working Paper 82 22/06/2011 English
Where Biodiversity, Traditional Knowledge, Health and Livelihoods Meet: Institutional Pillars for The Productive Inclusion of Local Communities (Brazil Case Study) Radhika Lal, Waldemiro Francisco Sorte Junior Working Paper 81 15/04/2011 English
Public Support to Food Security in India, Brazil and South Africa: Elements for a Policy Dialogue Darana Souza, Danuta Chmielewska Working Paper 80 15/04/2011 English
Mitigation of What and by What? Adaptation by Whom and for Whom? Dilemmas in Delivering for the Poor and the Vulnerable in International Climate Policy Leisa Perch Working Paper 79 15/02/2011 English
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: A Measure of Progress Degol Hailu, Raquel Tsukada Working Paper 78 15/02/2011 English
Bolsa Família and the Citizen’s Basic Income: A Misstep? Tatiana Britto, Fabio Veras Soares Working Paper 77 15/02/2011 English
The Consolidation of Social Assistance in Brazil and Its Challenges, 1988–2008 Luciana Jaccoud, Patricia Dario El-Moor Hadjab, Juliana Rochet Chaibub Working Paper 76 17/12/2010 English
Maximizing Co-Benefits: Exploring Opportunities to Strengthen Equality and Poverty Reduction through Adaptation to Climate Change Leisa Perch Working Paper 75 17/12/2010 English
Global Poverty and the New Bottom Billion: What if Three-quarters of the World’s Poor Live in Middle-income Countries? Andy Sumner Working Paper 74 19/11/2010 English
Productive Inclusion of Smallholder Farmers in Brazil’s Biodiesel Value Chain: Programme Design, Institutional Incentives and Stakeholder Constraints Clovis Zapata, Diego Vazquez-Brust , José Plaza-Úbeda Working Paper 73 15/10/2010 English
Addressing the Plight of Poor Households by Zero-Rating Value Added Tax on Basic Commodities In Namibia Ojijo Odhiambo, John E. Odada Working Paper 72 15/10/2010 English
Targeting and Coverage of the Bolsa Família Programme: Why Knowing What You Measure Is Important In Choosing the Numbers Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares, Rafael Perez Ribas, Fabio Veras Soares Working Paper 71 15/10/2010 English
Employment Policies in Brazil: History, Scope and Limitations Roberto Henrique Gonzalez Working Paper 70 15/09/2010 English
Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes and Gender Vulnerabilities: Case Studies of Brazil, Chile and Colombia Fabio Veras Soares, Elydia Silva Working Paper 69 15/09/2010 English
What Are The Implications of The Global Crisis and its Aftermath for Developing Countries, 2010-2020? Andy Sumner, Joe Ballantyne, Andrew Curry Working Paper 68 17/08/2010 English
Social Policy in the Post-crisis Context of Small Island Developing States: a Synthesis Leisa Perch, Rathin Roy Working Paper 67 19/07/2010 English
Public Works and Employment Programmes: Towards a Long-Term Development Approach Radhika Lal, Steve Miller, Maikel Lieuw-Kie-Song, Daniel Kostzer Working Paper 66 15/06/2010 English
Beyond Cash: Assessing Externality and Behaviour Effects of Non-Experimental Cash Transfers Rafael Perez Ribas, Fabio Veras Soares, Clarissa Gondim Teixeira, Elydia Silva, Guilherme Issamu Hirata Working Paper 65 14/06/2010 English
Market Alternatives for Smallholder Farmers in Food Security Initiatives: Lessons from the Brazilian Food Acquisition Programme Danuta Chmielewska, Darana Souza Working Paper 64 14/06/2010 English
How should MDG Implementation be Measured: Faster Progress or Meeting Targets? Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Joshua Greenstein Working Paper 63 14/05/2010 English
Access of the Poor to Water Supply and Sanitation in India: Salient Concepts, Issues and Cases Nitish Jha Working Paper 62 14/05/2010 English
A Heterogeneity Analysis of the Bolsa Família Programme Effect on Men and Women’s Work Supply Clarissa Gondim Teixeira Working Paper 61 15/03/2010 English
From Social Safety net to Social Policy? The Role of Conditional Cash Transfers in Welfare State Development in Latin America Francesca Bastagli Working Paper 60 10/12/2009 English
The Implications of Water and Electricity Supply for the Time Allocation of Women in Rural Ghana Joana Costa, Degol Hailu, Elydia Silva, Raquel Tsukada Working Paper 59 10/12/2009 English
Privatisation and Renationalisation: What Went Wrong in Bolivia’s Water Sector? Degol Hailu, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, Raquel Tsukada Working Paper 58 16/10/2009 English
Access to Water in the Slums of the Developing World Hulya Dagdeviren, Simon A. Robertson Working Paper 57 12/06/2009 English
The Impact of Inflation Targeting on Unemployment in Developing and Emerging Economies Jose Angelo Divino Working Paper 56 05/06/2009 English
Private Sector Participation in African Infrastructure: Is it Worth the Risk? Kate Bayliss Working Paper 55 29/05/2009 English
HIV and Income Inequality: If There is a Link, What Does It Tell Us? Göran Holmqvist Working Paper 54 23/04/2009 English
The Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Developing Countries Stephany Griffith-Jones, José Antonio Ocampo Working Paper 53 09/04/2009 English
The Role of Gender Inequalities in Explaining Income Growth, Poverty and Inequality: Evidence from Latin American Countries Joana Costa, Elydia Silva, Fábio Vaz Working Paper 52 03/04/2009 English
Changes in Earnings in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico: Disentangling the Forces Behind Pro-Poor Change in Labour Markets Eduardo Zepeda, Diana Alarcón, Fabio Veras Soares, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 51 20/03/2009 English
Aid and Savings in Sub-saharan Africa: Should we Worry about Rising Aid Levels? John Serieux Working Paper 50 20/02/2009 English
Opportunity NYC: a Performance-Based conditional Cash Transfer Programme. A Qualitative Analysis Michelle Morais de Sa e Silva Working Paper 49 12/11/2008 English
Are the MDGs Priority in Development Strategies and Aid Programmes? Only few are! Sakiko Fukuda-Parr Working Paper 48 24/10/2008 English
The Recent Impact of Government Transfers on Poverty in Honduras and Alternatives to Enhance their Effects Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 47 01/08/2008 English
Targeted Cash Transfer Programmes in Brazil: BPC and the Bolsa Familia Marcelo Medeiros, Tatiana Britto, Fabio Veras Soares Working Paper 46 01/06/2008 English
Financial Liberalization and Domestic Resource Mobilization in Africa: an Assessment John Serieux Working Paper 45 03/04/2008 English
Do Changes in the Labour Market Take Families out of Poverty? Determinants of Exiting Poverty in Brazilian Metropolitan Regions Ana Flávia Machado , Rafael Perez Ribas Working Paper 44 24/02/2008 English
Is all Socioeconomic Inequality among Racial Groups in Brazil Caused by Racial Discrimination? Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 43 08/02/2008 English
Growth, Poverty and Employment in Brazil, Chile and Mexico Eduardo Zepeda, Diana Alarcón, Fabio Veras Soares, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 42 01/12/2007 English
The Impact of Foreign Aid on Government Spending, Revenue and Domestic Borrowing in Ethiopia Pedro M. G. Martins Working Paper 41 16/11/2007 English
Addressing the Employment-Poverty Nexus in Kenya: Comparing Cash-Transfer and Job-Creation Programmes Eduardo Zepeda Working Paper 40 10/10/2007 English
The Impact of Unconditional Cash Transfers on Nutrition: The South African Child Support Grant Jorge M. Agüero, Michael R. Carter, Ingrid Woolard Working Paper 39 06/09/2007 English
Confronting Capacity Constraints on Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America: the cases of El Salvador and Paraguay Fabio Veras Soares, Tatiana Britto Working Paper 38 24/08/2007 English
The Impact of Relative Prices on Welfare and Inequality in Brazil, 1995-2005 Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 37 17/05/2007 English
Distinguishing Chronic Poverty from Transient Poverty in Brazil: Developing a Model for Pseudo-Panel Data Rafael Perez Ribas, Ana Flávia Machado Working Paper 36 26/04/2007 English
Conditional Cash Transfers in Brazil, Chile and Mexico: Impacts upon Inequality Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, Fabio Veras Soares, Marcelo Medeiros, Eduardo Zepeda Working Paper 35 20/04/2007 English
Gender Inequalities in Allocating Time to Paid and Unpaid Work: Evidence from Bolivia Marcelo Medeiros, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, Joana Costa Working Paper 34 02/04/2007 English
Measuring the Impact of Price Changes on Poverty Hyun H. Son, Nanak Kakwani Working Paper 33 04/11/2006 English
The Post-Apartheid Evolution of Earnings Inequality in South Africa, 1995-2004 Phillippe G. Leite, Terry McKinley, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 32 20/10/2006 English
Global Estimates of Pro-Poor Growth Hyun H. Son, Nanak Kakwani Working Paper 31 15/10/2006 English
Operational Poverty Targeting In Peru – Proxy Means Testing With Non-Income Indicators Julia Johannsen Working Paper 30 02/10/2006 English
New Global Poverty Counts Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son Working Paper 29 14/09/2006 English
A note on measuring unemployment Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son Working Paper 28 02/09/2006 English
Inter-country Comparisons of Poverty Based on a Capability Approach: An Empirical Exercise Sanjay G. Reddy, Sujata Visaria, Muhammad Asali Working Paper 27 20/08/2006 English
Linkages between Pro-Poor Growth, Social Programmes and Labour Market: The Recent Brazilian Experience Nanak Kakwani, Marcelo Neri, Hyun H. Son Working Paper 26 02/08/2006 English
Chinese Poverty: Assessing the Impact of Alternative Assumptions Sanjay G. Reddy, Camelia Minoiu Working Paper 25 30/07/2006 English
Poverty, Old-Age and Social Pensions in Kenya Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son, Richard Hinz Working Paper 24 23/07/2006 English
Addressing Global Imbalances: A Development-Oriented Policy Agenda Alex Izurieta, Terry McKinley Working Paper 23 10/07/2006 English
Can Privatisation and Commercialisation of Public Services Help Achieve The MDGs? An Assessment Kate Bayliss, Tim Kessler Working Paper 22 05/07/2006 English
Cash Transfer Programmes in Brazil: Impacts on Inequality and Poverty Fabio Veras Soares, Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares, Marcelo Medeiros, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 21 06/06/2006 English
Poverty among women in Latin America: Feminization or over-representation? Marcelo Medeiros, Joana Costa Working Paper 20 30/05/2006 English
How costly is it to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of halving poverty between 1990 and 2015? Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son Working Paper 19 25/05/2006 English
Poverty, inequality and redistribution: A methodology to define the rich Marcelo Medeiros Working Paper 18 20/05/2006 English
Gearing macroeconomic polices to manage large inflows of ODA: The implications for HIV/AIDS programmes Anis Chowdhury, Terry McKinley Working Paper 17 18/05/2006 English
Cash benefits to disabled persons in Brazil: An analysis of the BPC – Continuous Cash Benefit Programme Marcelo Medeiros, Debora Diniz, Flávia Squinca Working Paper 16 05/05/2006 English
Assessing the pro-poorness of government fiscal policy in Thailand Hyun H. Son Working Paper 15 25/04/2006 English
Covariates of efficiency in education production among developing pacific-basin and Latin American countries Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares, Emanuela di Gropello Working Paper 14 22/04/2006 English
A Capability centred approach to environmental sustainability: Is productive employment the missing link between micro-and macro polices? Enrique Delamonica, Santosh Mehrotra Working Paper 13 13/04/2006 English
The monopoly of global capital flows: Who needs structural adjustment now? Terry McKinley Working Paper 12 12/03/2006 English
Measuring the impact of prices on inequality: with applications to Thailand and Korea Hyun H. Son, Nanak Kakwani Working Paper 11 17/01/2006 English
Why is ‘The Dutch disease’ always a disease? the macroeconomic consequences of scaling up ODA Terry McKinley Working Paper 10 17/11/2005 English
Conditional cash transfers in African countries Nanak Kakwani, Fabio Veras Soares, Hyun H. Son Working Paper 9 07/11/2005 English
Ageing and poverty in africa and the role of social pensions Nanak Kakwani, Kalanidhi Subbarao Working Paper 8 11/08/2005 English
The impact of trade liberalisation on the informal sector in Brazil Fabio Veras Soares Working Paper 7 13/06/2005 English
On assessing pro-poorness of government programmes:international comparisons Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son Working Paper 6 25/05/2005 English
Reorienting development: towards an engendered employment strategy Selim Jahan Working Paper 5 10/02/2005 English
Relative prices and investment: an essay on resource allocation Keith Griffin Working Paper 4 17/01/2005 English
The MDGs and pro-poor polices: related but not synonymous Jan Vandemoortele Working Paper 3 07/11/2004 English
Economic growth and poverty reduction: initial conditions matter Hyun H. Son, Nanak Kakwani Working Paper 2 09/08/2004 English
Pro-poor growth: concepts and measurement with country case studies Nanak Kakwani, Shahid Khandker, Hyun H. Son Working Paper 1 02/08/2004 English