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Human development and land tenure in Brazil Alexandre Arbex Valadares, Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Nikolas de Camargo Pirani Working Paper 154 10/02/2017
Social policy in Brazil (2004–2014): an overview Patricia Andrade de Oliveira e Silva Working Paper 155 10/04/2017
Energy, poverty and development: a primer for the Sustainable Development Goals Hannah Goozee Working Paper 156 12/05/2017
A case for institutional demand as effective social protection: supporting smallholders through procurement and food assistance programmes Ryan Nehring, Ana Carla Miranda, Andrew Howe Working Paper 157 08/06/2017
Targeting farmers in institutional procurement programmes: case study of the PAA Africa Programme in Senegal Rosana Pereira de Miranda, Abdoulaye Thiam, Israel Klug Working Paper 158 06/07/2017
Fostering food purchase programmes in widespread poverty contexts: targeting smallholders within the PAA Africa Programme in Niger Rosana Pereira de Miranda, Amadou Diop, PAA Africa targeting in Niger Working Paper 159 06/07/2017
Cash benefits to disabled persons in Brazil: An analysis of the BPC – Continuous Cash Benefit Programme Marcelo Medeiros, Debora Diniz, Flávia Squinca Working Paper 16 05/05/2006
Brazilian fiscal policy in perspective: from expansion to austerity Rodrigo Octávio Orair, Sergio Wulff Gobetti Working Paper 160 11/08/2017
Implementation of decentralised food procurement programmes and the impact of the policy, institutional and legal enabling environment: the case of PRONAE and PAA Africa in Mozambique Luana F. J. Swensson, Israel Klug Working Paper 161 11/09/2017
Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) project in Manica, Mozambique: baseline survey report Mario Gyori, Tatiana Martínez Zavala, Jessica Baier, Maria Hernandez, Sofie Olsson, Alexis Lefevre Working Paper 162 16/10/2017