Latest publications
Headcount Poverty Comparisons

17/11/2005, One Pager, S. Subramanian

Conditional cash transfers in African countries

07/11/2005, Working Paper, Nanak Kakwani, Fabio Veras Soares, Hyun H. Son

Three models of social protection

30/10/2005, One Pager, Alejandro Grinspun

India needs an Employment Guarantee Scheme

14/08/2005, One Pager, Santosh Mehrotra

Ageing and poverty in africa and the role of social pensions

10/08/2005, Working Paper, Nanak Kakwani, Kalanidhi Subbarao

Leaky Bucket

23/06/2005, One Pager, Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son