The IPC-IG presents a status report of a study which aims to provide new management strategies to the social assistance system in Bahia, Brazil


On 10 August, the IPC-IG presented to government representatives of the Brazilian state of Bahia, the Social Assistance State Council and to consultants the current status of a research project aimed at assisting the development of a strategy for the planning and management of Unified Social Assistance System (Sistema Único de Assistência Social—SUAS), 

By September, the Centre is expected to deliver the Social Assistance State Plan (Plano Estadual de Assistência Social—PEAS) to the Government of Bahia. By December, the Centre will present a study on topics related to social protection and SUAS Bahia. 

Since November 2019, a team of researchers and consultants has been working on the development of five studies, addressing topics such as the financing mechanisms and workflow to improve social assistance policies and the quality and interconnectedness of social assistance services in the state of Bahia. The studies also address issues concerning the communication between SUAS and its programmes, and the participation of SUAS workers and beneficiaries (civil society representatives) in decision-making processes through municipal and state councils. 

The project “Strengthening Social Protection Policies in Bahia” is a partnership between the IPC-IG and UNDP Brazil, providing support to the government of Bahia’s Secretariat of Justice, Human Rights and Social Development (Secretaria de Justiça, Direitos Humanos e Desenvolvimento Social—SJDHDS) in developing the participatory planning and management of social assistance in the state.