Support to the Social Contract Center (SCC) on building capacity on Social Protection in Egypt

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This project aimed at providing technical support for the Government of Egypt in order to improve its capacity-building in the areas of Social Protection and Social Policy.


UNDP Egypt , Government of Egypt , Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea)


Middle East and North Africa


Main Pillar

Knowledge Production

Thematic Area

Social Protection

Other Thematic Areas

Poverty Reduction Policies , Technological Innovation

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 1 - No Poverty

Project Results

The translation of Policy Briefs, the organisation of Workshops and Technical Support

The IPC-IG set out to intensify its capacity-building activities by inviting two policy specialists from SCC and EDO respectively, Dr. May Gadalla and Ms. Bassant Yousif, to participate in a Workshop on Propensity Score Matching (PSM) and Generalised Propensity Score Matching (GSM) with Dr. Carolyn Heinrich from University of Texas. The workshop consisted of case studies and practical analyses, providing the opportunity to share knowledge among experts and researchers from Ipea as well as the IPC-IG.

Activities involving the identification and translation of policy briefs on social protection and social policy were undertaken in order to provide knowledge sharing and science of delivery on policy scenarios and best practices for social protection programmes. Due to changes in the political arena, UNDP Egypt requested the IPC-IG to propose two workshops for outcome 4 of the project, which would involve promoting discussions with Egyptian experts and policymakers to exchange ideas about thematic areas of concern and experiences regarding a variety of policy issues.

The IPC-IG then organised two workshops in Cairo to strength the technical expertise of policymakers and the SCC/EDO team:

• a workshop on M&E of Social Protection Programmes to officials of the Government of Egypt in May 2014; and

• a workshop on Impact Evaluation Techniques targeting the researchers with statistical knowledge and education in June 2014.

*UNDP Egypt requested the IPC-IG to change the project work plan in July 2014 in order to reflect the changes in the project that created the SCC (Social Contract Center), by substituting part of the activities to deliver the concept documents on the identification and prioritisation of themes and strategic policies. The analysis of Egypt’s institutional capacity to implement social protection policies was substituted with technical support to the Ministry of Finance, and the Egypt Human Development Report.