Latest publications
Inequality and the Education MDG for Latin America

26/10/2006, One Pager, Eduardo Zepeda

The Post-Apartheid Evolution of Earnings Inequality in South Africa, 1995-2004

20/10/2006, Working Paper, Phillippe G. Leite, Terry McKinley, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio

Global Estimates of Pro-Poor Growth

14/10/2006, Working Paper, Hyun H. Son, Nanak Kakwani

What is Poverty?

19/09/2006, One Pager, Nanak Kakwani

Does Debt Relief Increase Fiscal Space in Zambia? The MDG Implications

18/09/2006, Research Report, John Weeks, Terry McKinley

New Global Poverty Counts

14/09/2006, Working Paper, Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son

Strengthening the Employment Impact of an MDG-Based Development Strategy for Yemen

07/09/2006, Research Report, Terry McKinley, Farhad Mehran

Do CCTs Reduce Poverty?

05/09/2006, One Pager, Eduardo Zepeda

A note on measuring unemployment

02/09/2006, Working Paper, Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son