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One Pager IPC-IG 2018 International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth One Pager 001 05/06/2017
Pro-poor growth: what is it? Eduardo Zepeda One Pager 1 01/01/2014
Birth control and poverty in South America Marcelo Medeiros One Pager 10 31/01/2005
Water Privatisation and Renationalisation in Bolivia: Are the Poor Better Off? Degol Hailu, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, Raquel Tsukada One Pager 100 16/10/2009
IPC-IG collection of One Pagers IPC One Pager 100000 01/01/2011
IPC-IG Collection of One Pagers, Vol. 2 IPC One Pager 100002 05/09/2014
IPC-IG Collection of One Pagers, Vol. 3 IPC-IG One Pager 100003 04/02/2016
IPC-IG Collection of One Pagers, Vol. 4 IPC-IG One Pager 100004 20/12/2019
Water Supply in Rural Ghana: Do Women Benefit? Joana Costa, Degol Hailu, Elydia Silva, Raquel Tsukada One Pager 101 10/12/2009
The Doha Round and Kenya: Good and Not So Good Lessons Eduardo Zepeda One Pager 102 14/01/2010