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Why Have Tax Reforms Hampered MDG Financing? Terry McKinley One Pager 42 02/09/2007
Job Creation versus Cash Transfers in Kenya Eduardo Zepeda One Pager 41 03/08/2007
Should Khat Be Banned? The Development Impact Degol Hailu One Pager 40 25/07/2007
Raising Domestic Revenue for the MDGs: Why Wait until 2015? Terry McKinley One Pager 39 11/07/2007
Correcting Global Imbalances with Exchange Rate Realignment? No thanks! Francis Cripps, Alex Izurieta, Terry McKinley One Pager 38 20/06/2007
Using ODA to Accumulate Foreign Reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa Costas Lapavitsas One Pager 37 01/06/2007
Can all Cash Transfers Reduce Inequality? Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares, Eduardo Zepeda One Pager 36 15/05/2007
The IMF and Constraints on Spending Aid David Goldsbrough One Pager 35 10/05/2007
Why Is Africa Constrained from Spending ODA? Terry McKinley One Pager 34 05/05/2007
MDG Targets: Misunderstood or Misconceived? Hamid Tabatabai One Pager 33 28/04/2007