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Bolsa Família: A Summary of Its Impacts Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares One Pager 137 29/02/2012
Brazil without Extreme Poverty: New Perspectives for Brazilian Social Protection Tiago Falcão, Patricia Vieira da Costa One Pager 301 14/08/2015
Brazil: Strengthening Resilience through an Innovative Income-led Strategy Bruno De Conti One Pager 253 13/06/2014
Brazilian environmental accounting initiatives Institute for Applied Economic Research One Pager 373 14/12/2017
Brazil–Africa knowledge-sharing: What do African policymakers say? Cristina Cirillo, Lívia Maria da Costa Nogueira, Fábio Veras Soares One Pager 323 13/06/2016
Building a favourable environment for institutional food procurement programmes: contributions from Mozambique Luana F.J. Swensson, Israel Klug One Pager 364 11/09/2017
Building shock-responsive national social protection systems in MENA Raquel Tebaldi One Pager 417 08/03/2019
Business development centres for youth-led entrepreneurship development in Sierra Leone Molla Mekonnen Alemu One Pager 353 13/05/2017
Cadastro Único: a Registry Supported by a National Public Bank Joana Costa, Natália G. D. Sátyro One Pager 250 09/05/2014
Can all Cash Transfers Reduce Inequality? Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares, Eduardo Zepeda One Pager 36 15/05/2007