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A Capability centred approach to environmental sustainability: Is productive employment the missing link between micro-and macro polices? Enrique Delamonica, Santosh Mehrotra Working Paper 13 13/04/2006
The monopoly of global capital flows: Who needs structural adjustment now? Terry McKinley Working Paper 12 12/03/2006
Measuring the impact of prices on inequality: with applications to Thailand and Korea Hyun H. Son, Nanak Kakwani Working Paper 11 17/01/2006
Why is ‘The Dutch disease’ always a disease? the macroeconomic consequences of scaling up ODA Terry McKinley Working Paper 10 17/11/2005
Conditional cash transfers in African countries Nanak Kakwani, Fabio Veras Soares, Hyun H. Son Working Paper 9 07/11/2005
Ageing and poverty in africa and the role of social pensions Nanak Kakwani, Kalanidhi Subbarao Working Paper 8 11/08/2005
The impact of trade liberalisation on the informal sector in Brazil Fabio Veras Soares Working Paper 7 13/06/2005
On assessing pro-poorness of government programmes:international comparisons Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son Working Paper 6 25/05/2005
Reorienting development: towards an engendered employment strategy Selim Jahan Working Paper 5 10/02/2005
Relative prices and investment: an essay on resource allocation Keith Griffin Working Paper 4 17/01/2005