Can Social Protection Help Promote Inclusive Growth?

Author: Melissa Andrade ,Fabio Veras Soares ,Radhika Lal ,Rathin Roy

Abstract:"The recent global economic and financial crisis revealed once again the importance of social protection in shielding the poorest and most vulnerable people from the worst impacts of a sudden shock to the economy. Social protection programmes such as cash transfers and expanded public works were also important instruments for raising domestic demand in many of the stimulus packages that were introduced to counter the downturn. As the world starts a fragile recovery, however, there may be a temptation to roll back programmes as the intensity of the economic shock dissipates. Countries could instead explore opportunities for prioritising and institutionalising social protection programmes." By Pedro Conceição and Sebastian Levine (...)

Keywords:Social Protection, Help, Promote, Inclusive Growth
Publication Date:
Type/Issue:Policy In Focus/22

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