What can IBSA Offer to the Global Community?

Author: Melissa Andrade ,Fabio Veras Soares ,Radhika Lal

Abstract:"What can IBSA offer to the global community? It is with this provocative question that IPC-IG reports on the policy dialogue that took place in the Fourth IBSA Academic Forum, which was held on 12-13 April 2010 in Brasilia before the meeting of the heads of state. If IBSA reflects a new power structure in which the Global South has more voice, then it also can and should contribute to the global development debate. The three countries have been successfully experimenting with innovative policies in areas such as healthcare and social protection, as well as in development cooperation through IBSA’s Fund for Alleviation of Poverty." By Melissa Andrade (...)

Keywords:IBSA, Offer, Global Community?
Publication Date:
Type/Issue:Policy In Focus/21

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