Abstract:IPC-IG launches the first collection of ninety-nine One Pagers, a book aimed at stimulating public policy debates on key inclusive development issues. Covering interrelated areas, such as equitable access to water, electricity, and sanitation, cash transfer programmes, gender equality, employment generation policies, HIV/AIDS financing, and inclusive macro and financial policies, the present collection is a useful tool for policymakers, development specialist and advisors, researchers, the civil society and the UN family. The policy recommendations proposed by these One Pagers are based in sound empirical analysis, data collection and policy evaluation, monitoring and field experiences undertaken by renowned experts both from IPC-IG and a wide array of partner UN agencies, research institutions and the development community in the South. A number of country programmes are discussed under the spirit of South-South learning and help promote the exchange of innovative approaches to inclusive growth in the South, covering countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Ethiopia, India, China, Mozambique, Vietnam, Paraguay, Mexico, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Chile and Uganda. This book collection with be soon published in Spanish, Portuguese and French

Keywords:collection of One Pagers
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Type/Issue:One Pager/100000
ISSN: 978-85-88201-04-0