One Pager

The IPC-IG One-Pager is an extremely popular publication that seeks to  introduce readers to an idea or concept explored more in depth in a separate larger publication (i.e. Working Paper, journal article, book chapter, report  or project etc.). One pagers effectively allow for an introductory summary of a larger piece of work to be disseminated in an easier to consume format. A Series of One-Pagers are used to track larger works in progress serving as progress reports, or rather a series of publications covering a certain thematic area. more

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Title Author Type Issue Date
Equitable Access to Financial Services: Is Microfinancing Sufficient? Degol Hailu One Pager 59 11/07/2008
What Do We Mean by “Feminization of Poverty”? Marcelo Medeiros, Joana Costa One Pager 58 02/07/2008
Tariff Hikes with Low Investment: The Story of the Urban Water Sector in Zambia Hulya Dagdeviren, Degol Hailu One Pager 57 22/06/2008
Lessons from the South African Electricity Crisis Kate Bayliss One Pager 56 15/06/2008
Equitable Access to Basic Services: Who will Guarantee it? Degol Hailu One Pager 55 04/06/2008
A Consistent Measure of Real Poverty: A Reply to Ravallion Thomas Pogge One Pager 54 23/05/2008
Which Poverty Line? A Response to Reddy Martin Ravallion One Pager 53 14/05/2008
Are Estimates of Poverty in Latin America Reliable? Sanjay G. Reddy One Pager 52 01/05/2008
Inflation-Targeting in Sub-Saharan Africa: Why Now? Why at All? Terry McKinley One Pager 51 20/04/2008
The Urgent Need for Financial Reform to Mobilise Savings in Sub-Saharan Africa Sedat Aybar, Costas Lapavitsas One Pager 50 05/03/2008