Impact evaluation of WFP’s interventions to improve market access for vulnerable smallholder farmers in Mozambique

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This project aimed at evaluating the impact of the WFP’s support to 14 smallholder farmer organisations in order to improve their members’ market access and nutritional outcomes.


World Food Programme (WFP) Mozambique , Government of Mozambique


Sub-Saharan Africa


Main Pillar

Knowledge Production

Thematic Area

Sustainable development

Other Thematic Areas

Social Protection , Inclusive Growth

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 1 - No Poverty , SDG 2 - Zero Hunger , SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Project Results

Collection of data and M&E

In partnership with the WFP in Mozambique, under the scope of the WFP’s Millennium Development Goal 1 (MDG1) Initiative, the IPC-IG has evaluated the impact of the WFP’s support and interventions to promote 14 smallholder farmers’ organisations and improve their access to markets in the country.