Who we are

Who we are

A leading voice for inclusive growth

The IPC-IG was founded in 2002 as a result of an agreement between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Brazil.  It was created with the objective of promoting the exchange of experiences, knowledge and technical and institutional capacities for the design, formulation and evaluation of development policies that contribute to inclusive growth, poverty and inequality reduction and human development.

The Centre began its activities in 2004 and, since then, it has been providing advisory services to countries worldwide, receiving study tours from policy makers, hosting international research fellows and interns, facilitating capacity- strengthening and knowledge-sharing through training, conferences and various publication series, as well as building networks of researchers and practitioners on development policies.

Since 2013, the Resident Representative of UNDP Brazil’s Country Office also acts as IPC-IG Director. The Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), a think-tank under the Ministry of Economy, is the focal point of the Brazilian Government at the IPC-IG. Ipea also physically hosts the IPC-IG and contributes through the participation of its researchers in the Centre’s activities. 

The UNDP and Ipea work together to ensure that the IPC-IG can offer world class knowledge and expertise through its services in five main areas: social protection; technological innovation; inclusive growth; sustainable development and poverty reduction strategies.


Institutional and Official Materials

To learn more about the IPC-IG and its work, read the following materials:

Official Agreement

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Executive Council

The IPC-IG Executive Council, responsible for approving the Centre´s annual workplan and activities, is composed by the UNDP Resident Representative and three representatives of Government of Brazil, namely from IPEA, from the Secretariat for International Affairs (SAIN) of the Ministry of Economy and from the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), linked to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Learn who are the current chairs of the IPC-IG´s Executive Council here

Our Team

Our Team

The IPC-IG is composed by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and knowledge managers as well as communication, publication and programme and operations experts who offer high quality technical support to all services provided by the Centre.

Work with us

Work with us

Join the IPC-IG team and contribute to development policies, supporting the design and evaluation of flagship policies and leading research, or supporting our knowledge-sharing and capacity-strengthening activities on subjects related to inclusive growth, social protection, poverty and inequality reduction and human development. The IPC-IG is committed to having a talented, skilled, and highly motivated workforce that adheres to the strictest standards of integrity and honesty.