Poverty Profile: The Rural North and Northeast Regions of Brazil

Autor: Sergei Soares ,Laetícia R. De Souza ,Wesley J. Silva ,Fernando Gaiger Silveira

Resumo:"Rates of poverty and extreme poverty have decreased significantly in Brazil over the last 10 years. The prevalence of poverty dropped from 20 per cent to just over 9 per cent of the population, while the prevalence of extreme poverty fell from 7 per cent to 4 per cent in the same period. A continued decrease is unlikely in the future, however, as two of the factors driving the decrease face limitations or significant problems: the labour market and social spending—most notably, social insurance and assistance." (…)

Palavras-chave:Poverty Profile, Rural, North and Northeast Regions, Brazil
Data de publicação:
Tipo/Issue:Technical Paper/15

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