SUAS Bahia: challenges and strategies for participation and social control

Autor: Nicole Figueiredo ,Victor Tarifa Lopes
Área temática: Social Protection

Resumo:This One Pager details the main results of an analysis of the social participation of users, workers, and social assistance entities in the Municipal Social Assistance Councils (CMAS) as a space of social control of the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS) in the municipalities of Bahia, with the Basic Operating Standard of the Unified Social Assistance System (NOB-SUAS) as a guide. It addresses the challenges, strengths, and suggestions revealed by 70 interviews in 39 municipalities regarding control and social participation in the state.

Palavras-chave:unified social assistance system; social control; social participation
Data de publicação:
Tipo/Issue:One Pager/481

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