Author:Carla Tomazini
Others, Social Protection and CCTs
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Abstract: "Progresa/Oportunidades/Prospera in Mexico and Bolsa Escola/Bolsa Família in Brazil were pioneer conditional cash transfer programmes (CCTs) in Latin America and remain the two largest and best-known social assistance programmes in the region. Their emergence was influenced by the critique by reformist actors of the inefficiencies and distortions of previous social assistance programmes. They highlighted the need to move away from some clientelistic anti-poverty practices—especially 'first ladyism'—and to eliminate political scandals involving social assistance programmes". (...)

keywords: Bolsa Família, Progresa, Oportunidades, Prospera, consensual, reforms
Date Publication: 10/16/2017 - 12:04
Type/Issue: One Pager / 366
ISSN: 2318-9118
Language: English