Here is the list of new publications released in August





August, 2016 - From its flagship magazine, Policy in Focus, to the popular One Pager, the IPC-IG has disseminated over 1,293 policy-oriented research publications, which have

been downloaded over 3 million times across 180 countries in over a decade.  Here is the list of new publications released in August by the Centre:


  • The Policy Research BriefBolsa Família and gender relations: national survey results”, by Letícia Bartholo (Institute for Applied Economic Research -Ipea/IPC-IG), summarises the main results of nationwide quantitative research on the Bolsa Família programme (PBF) and gender relations. Among other findings, it finds that the PBF has increased targeted women’s access to prenatal care, as well as their decision-making autonomy over domestic issues. The study concludes that the PBF cannot evade the criticism that it uses women instrumentally, but to interpret it as a merely maternalistic programme unconcerned with the choices of adult women seems reductionist. This publication is available in English, French, and Portuguese


  • The Working Paper (WP) “Familial effects on youth smoking in Brazil” uses a unique data set from the country and estimates the magnitude and direction of effects of parental and sibling smoking on adolescent smoking behaviour in Brazil, the most populous country in Latin America, where the smoking epidemic is in the early to intermediate stages. This WP is authored by Alberto Palloni (University of Wisconsin -Madison), Laetícia De Souza (IPC-IG), and Letícia Junqueira Marteleto (University of Texas). An associated One Pager is available in English, and Portuguese



  • The One PagerRethinking the design and implementation of Nigeria’s COPE Conditional Cash Transfer Programme”, by Olabanji Akinola (University of Guelph),  provides a brief overview of the programme and highlights some of its design and implementation challenges, based on findings from research done on social protection and on the Nigeria’s ‘In Care of the People’ (COPE) conditional cash transfer (CCT) programme in the country in 2013. COPE programme was launched in 2007 across 12 of Nigeria’s 36 federated states (National Poverty Eradication Programme 2007). Although some states in Nigeria have other CCT programmes of their own, COPE is the only nationwide government-sponsored CCT programme in Nigeria. This publication is available in English, French, and Portuguese



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