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October, 2016 - We are pleased to present you the new edition of the Policy in Focus magazine, titled “Food and nutrition security: towards the full realisation of human rights”. This special issue features 12 articles tackling the challenges involved in the attainment of the human right to adequate food and nutrition, and food and nutrition sovereignty in African countries and in Brazil.


While there has been evidence of a significant reduction in hunger and malnutrition worldwide, it is observed that this phenomenon has not occurred at the same pace in sub-Saharan Africa and in some regions of Brazil. At the same time, there has been a rapid increase in the rates of overweight, obesity and related illnesses, such as diabetes, cardiac disease, various types of cancer, etc. In this light, the contributing guest editors of this issue have sought to present readers with a selection of authors and articles that share a broad interpretation of the human right to adequate food and nutrition.


This edition was prepared as part of the project "Brazil & Africa: Fighting Poverty and Empowering Women via South-South Cooperation", financed by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID).





More knowledge-sharing

  • ​In the Policy Research BriefYouth and adult literacy and education: a good practice analysis”, Gianna Moretti (Consultant) explains why the effectiveness of literacy and adult education initiatives is relative and depends on many factors, such as different local socio-economic realities, the competence of educators, the responsibilities and motivations of students, etc. This publication is available in English and Portuguese.
  • The first in the series is the Working Paper “Family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean: looking for new paths of rural development and food security”, by Sergio Schneider (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS). It presents an analysis of the characteristics of family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean and discusses what might be its role in overcoming some of the major challenges to the development of this region. This study is available in English.


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