Apply to our Internship Programme






What does the IPC-IG offer?


Our Internship Programme offers a select group of outstanding students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to the IPC-IG/UNDP as a global forum of research, policy dialogue and South-South learning in the area of development innovations. It is designed to provide support to the IPC-IG’s applied research activities, policy advisory services, and communications outreach, among other areas. This opportunity will complement the intern’s own practical experience in various issues related to social protection and South-South cooperation.


In addition, our programme offers the prospect of becoming involved in the United Nations System. This programme operates under the rules and policies of the UNDP Internship regulations and has a minimum duration of 12 weeks



IPC-IG working areas: 


  • Communications and Web Development: Provide support to the IPC-IG’s Communications department and reinforce the communications activities of the platform. Provide support to the Centre’s web development.
  • Translation and Publications: Support the copyediting and translation of documents to meet the various demands of the IPC-IG’s Publications department.
  • Knowledge Management: Support the dissemination of knowledge regarding the area of South-South cooperation and provide support to the Centre’s research on social protection policies and programmes. Provide assistance to the platform.
  • Project Management and Operations: Provide support to the management and design of the Centre’s projects, fundraising strategies and partnership initiatives.
  • Research on Social Protection: Provide technical support to the Centre’s research on social protection and cash transfer programmes.
  • Research on Impact Evaluation: Provide support to the Centre’s research on impact evaluation in social protection programmes.
  • Research on Population Studies: Provide support to the Centre’s population studies, research on demographic scenarios and public policies.


 Required qualifications for the applicants: 


  • Enrolment in an undergraduate level or a graduate-level programme in a recognised university; OR a certifiable university degree. In this case, the applicant must start the internship within one year of graduation;
  • Demonstrate interest in the field of development, with relevant research experience and a publication record.
  • Language skills: Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Proficiency in Portuguese, Spanish, or French is desirable.
  • Desirable knowledge of statistical software, such as STATA and R, for the Research and Project Management Areas.


How to apply?


Please read the document “IPC-IG Internship Programme 2017—Rules and Procedures"


Applicants must submit the following required documents by e-mail:

  • Updated CV/résumé.
  • The completed and signed form “Application for the IPC Internship Programme 2017
  • A letter of endorsement from a senior faculty member or employer who has directly supervised the applicant in the recent past and who is fully acquainted with the applicant’s performance;
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport identification page, for overseas applicants; ID (RG) for Brazilians.


Applicants must send these documents to [email protected] quoting in the subject “IPC-IG Internship Programme”.