IPC-IG Researcher participated in an event of the Inter-American Conference on Social Security



IPC-IG researcher Camila Pereira participated in the event “High-level Dialogue on the Development of the Pandemic and the Response of Social Security Institutes”, held by the Inter-American Conference on Social Security (Conferencia Interamericana de Seguridad Social—CISS). 


The conference consisted of five days of round tables with experts, academics and officials from different countries on the most relevant experiences in terms of coverage and adequacy of social security programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean. 


Camila participated in the panel on the Southern Cone—Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Paraguay—presenting data and findings from a technical note, prepared in conjunction with UNICEF's Regional Office in Latin America and the Caribbean (LACRO), on innovations in the benefits’ registration and payment systems. 


These data are part of the tracking matrix of the online dashboard ‘Social protection responses to COVID-19 in the Global South’, which aims to contribute to the evidence base on COVID-19 and social protection, using a shock-responsive social protection lens. 


Photo: Néstor Morales / Unsplash