Project on labour law in Brazil: final reports in production

ENAMAT Building


The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) is producing the final reports of the project that seeks to analyse the labour law systems in Brazil, carried out in partnership with UNDP Brazil, the National School for Training and Improvement of Labour Magistrates (ENAMAT) and the Brazilian Superior Labour Court (TST). 

The first module of the project concerns the international component of comparative analysis between the labour law systems in Brazil and in five other countries. So far, webinars have been held with judges and labour justice experts from Portugal, South Africa, Mexico and South Korea. 

The second module pertains to the national component of the project and is composed of three chapters that discuss (i) the labour courts in Brazil; (ii) the career and training of labour magistrates; and (iii) a quantitative overview of the composition of the current labour judiciary. 

A survey investigated the perceptions of magistrates regarding the experience provided by the current model of training and technical-professional improvement adopted by the Judicial Schools in Brazil’s various states. The survey was completed in October and had aimed at the improvement of judicial education in Brazil, proposing teaching and training instruments aligned with the current demands of the labour magistrates. 

The IPC-IG partnered with the Olhar Research and Strategic Information Institute, which enabled the technical implementation of the survey and a high rate of participation by the respondents. 

In October, an event was held in partnership with the Judicial School of the Regional Labour Court of the First Region (Rio de Janeiro), where the IPC-IG team presented the research and the survey to the magistrates. The project "Strengthening the Production and Management of Information related to Labour Justice to Expand the Understanding and Improvement of the Brazilian Justice System" is the result of a technical cooperation agreement signed by the National School of Labour Magistrates (ENAMAT), the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and the IPC-IG/UNDP. 

The final research reports will be published in December 2021. 


Photo: Warley Andrade / TV Brasil 


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