Libya validates a roadmap that will guide the development of its social protection policy

Tripoli Libya City Vew


A roadmap that will guide the development of the Libya’s first social protection policy was validated by key national stakeholders and international partners during a webinar hosted on 28 October. This roadmap is the result of a project developed in partnership with the IPC-IG, UNICEF, UNDP, and Libya’s National Economic and Social Development board.

To elaborate the roadmap, researchers worked on an extensive literature review, applied questionnaires to relevant entities and held meetings with Libya's Social Protection Expert Committee, interviewing 13 key civil servants from social protection-related government institutions. 

The roadmap plans and organises the participatory consultative process that will lead to the elaboration of the policy through:

  1. identifying the main stakeholders and partners and their role in the consultative process.
  2. undertaking an initial mapping of the main social protection programmes in the country as well as key social protection-related concepts and definitions used in the national legislation and the country’s international engagements.
  3. identifying data requirements and evidence that can inform the discussions.
  4. listing potential challenges to the consultative process and contingency measures to overcome them, including managing the expectations of different stakeholders.


The validation workshop was attended by Her Excellency Ms. Wafaa Al-Keilani, Minister of Social Affairs, and His Excellency Mohammad Hweij, Minister of Economy, who had both expressed their institutions' willingness and commitment to see the realisation of a social protection policy in Libya's future.


Photo: Runoman / Canva