The IPC-IG supports WFP Mozambique on studies to improve the shock-responsiveness of social protection systems in the country

Photo: Jean V D Meulen/Canva

The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) and the World Food Programme’s Mozambique Country Office (WFP Mozambique) have partnered to develop the project “Knowledge generation and capacity strengthening on shock-responsive social protection in Mozambique”. The agreement was signed in February 2022 and it is expected to last until December. 

The project will be divided into five phases. The first phase will include the development of: 

  • a Research Report on shock-responsive social protection in Mozambique;  
  • five One Pagers on social resilience in Mozambique; 
  • a Research Report on regional urban preparedness; and  
  • a One Pager on urban preparedness.  

The second phase will encompass a peer review of WFP’s assessment on e-payments, as well as a Research Report and a One Pager based on the same study. The third phase includes three technical sessions. Two of them featuring international experts on shock-responsive social protection and data protection for social protection beneficiaries. And the thier session will nclude the participation of international experts discussing social-responsive social protection in urban contexts. All sessions will have a summary produced in English and Portuguese. 

The fourth phase refers to the dissemination of the knowledge produced during the entire project and will include the organisation of two webinars, one aimed at disseminating findings of knowledge products discussing shock-responsive social protection, and the other geared at disseminating findings of knowledge products on urban assessments. As with the technical sessions, these webinars will also have summaries produced in English and Portuguese. And, the fifth and final phase will involve the proofreading, translation and copyediting of the knowledge products developed over the course of the project.