The IPC-IG provides training to the ESCWA Social Protection Team on how to use the Country Profile Template developed by the Centre’s researchers

Photo: Ivo Eterovic/Canva

On 24 May 2022, a team of International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) researchers, composed of Krista Joosep Alvarenga, Marina Andrade and Isabela Franciscon, provided training to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN ESCWA) Social Protection Team on the final version of the Country Profile Template. This is the last deliverable of the project aiming to serve as a knowledge foundation to establish comprehensive social protection systems and reforms in ESCWA member states.  

The training guided the ESCWA Social Protection Team on how to work with the Template and how to present it to future authors of ESCWA Member States Country Profile Reports.  

The Country Profile Template is structured in four sections: (i) country context; (ii) social protection system overview and policy context; (iii) social protection programme mapping, design, delivery, financing and organisational set up; and (iv) current and future reform trajectories, costing of policies and policy recommendations. 

In the first section the geographical, political and macroeconomic context should be evaluated, as well as parameters related to the labour market, demographics and poverty, inequality, and vulnerabilities.  

The next section focuses on the country’s social protection historic pathways​; its policy, legal and regulatory frameworks​; the monitoring and evaluation framework​; social protection coverage; public financing and expenditure​; and institutional structures.​ 

The third section focuses on programme mapping, coverage, and expenditure calculations; integration across programmes​; design of main programmes​; assessments of equity and efficiency; process mapping of the delivery system and the delivery phases​; and an analysis of  financing sources and administrative structures.  

Finally, the fourth section approaches current reform trajectories​; summary of findings plus elaboration of policy recommendations​; costing of policy recommendations​; affordability of implementing policy options and financing strategies​; and overview of future reform needs and main takeaways​. 

The Social Protection Country Profiles shall be drafted by local collaborators from ESCWA Member Countries with support from respective government authors, and will rely on some technical backstopping by UN ESCWA social protection technical editors.  

The Template will be published by ESCWA shortly, in Arabic.  


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