Supporting the development of a comprehensive model for a child-sensitive cash transfer in Iraq

Start Date: Status: Ongoing


This project aims to support the design, implementation and evaluation of an incentivized top up cash transfer within Iraq’s Social Safety Net SSN (Iraq’s national cash transfer program) with a focus on pregnant women, under-5 and school age children.




Middle East and North Africa


Main Pillar

Knowledge Production

Thematic Area

Social Protection

Other Thematic Areas

Social Protection

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 1 - No Poverty

Project Results

Assessment, policy design and technical advice

The support provided by the IPC-IG in the first phase of the project includes:

  1. Assessment of and advice on design and delivery system of the current SSN: Besides the assessment this includes advice on how the targeting mechanisms could be reformed as well as other areas that the national stakeholders deem relevant. 
  2. Design of a scalable cash transfer program for women and children from poor households: The design not only describes program characteristics but also its gradual expansion and M&E strategy. 
  3. Ad-hoc technical advice: In addition, the IPC-IG team also provides technical advice as requested. This can include advice on specific tools and technical assistance for the preparation and implementation of the scheme and needed tools (e.g. manuals, SOPs for case management, GRM) as well as demands that might come up during the implementation of the project.