Abstract:"At the present moment in history, humanity is faced with several major challenges, one of them being that of feeding an increasingly populous and urbanised planet. The challenge is even greater as it becomes clearer that it is not just a matter of producing enough fibres and primary products that can be processed into food to feed everyone. It is also worth noting that huge numbers of people still live under conditions of food insecurity, having restricted or scarce access to an appropriate supply of food. Generally speaking, people are increasingly more reflective, demanding and vigilant. As there are claims for sufficient food supply to feed everyone, there is also a growing awareness that food should be produced using renewable energy, with decreasing use of chemical additives (pesticides). Food security and sustainable development are not opposites but, rather, complementary concepts". (…)

Keywords:Family farming, Latin America, Caribbean, new paths, rural development, food security
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Type/Issue:Working Paper/137