Comparative study about labour law systems

Author: Alexandre Cunha ,Ana Flávia Lopes de Moraes Toller ,Catharina Lopes Scodro ,Guillermo David Gerbaudo ,Luca Lazzarini ,Luana Graciana Silva ,Mariana Hoffmann ,Nicole Figueiredo ,Nyasha Lee Vitorini ,Paulo Eduardo Alves da Silva ,Raissa Alves ,Victor Dantas de Maio Martinez ,Victor Lopes ,Vinicius Nogueira
Thematic Area: Sustainable development

Abstract:This book is one of the products of an international technical cooperation project developed through a partnership between the ENAMAT, the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), presents an international comparison of judicial systems within labour courts, focusing on five countries: Brazil, Portugal, South Korea, Mexico, Argentina, and South Africa. The aim is to enhance understanding and improve the Brazilian justice system, especially following the Labour Reform of 2017.

Keywords:labour law; comparative study; Global South
Publication Date:
Type/Issue:Joint Publications/29

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