IPC-IG researchers collaborate on a blog series on social protection responses to COVID-19

By fabiana.sousa
Photo: Jude Al-Safadi/UNICEF

IPC-IG researchers were invited by the socialprotection.org platform to produce a series of 12 blog posts on social protection responses to COVID-19, to be published on the platform each month. The series is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Australian Government (DFAT), under a project developed by the platform to promote knowledge exchange on social protection.

All blog posts are based on data collected on a dashboard that aims to document the social protection responses to the COVID-19 crisis in the global South from a shock-responsive perspective. The goal of the series is to highlight the important information contained in this dashboard, enabling researchers, practitioners and policymakers in the social protection field to access a more in-depth analysis of the data and contributing to more informed decisions regarding the effectiveness of each type of programme.

Two of the posts have already been published: the first, titled “How diversified was the social protection response to the COVID-19 crisis in the global South?”, was written by Fábio Veras Soares, Senior Research Coordinator at the IPC-IG and researcher at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), while IPC-IG researchers, Maya Hammad and Lucas Sato wrote the second blog post, titled “Guidelines for inclusive shock-responsive social protection: lessons learned from the MENA region”. The series is expected to run until March 2023.

Stay tuned to the socialprotection.org platform, to keep up with the COVID-19 SP responses series.

About the dashboard ‘Social Protection Responses to COVID-19 in the global South

Several social protection measures were established or expanded around the world to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. To document these measures through a shock-responsive lens, the IPC-IG, in partnership with a team of researchers supporting the COVID-19 task force, developed a common tracking matrix. It offers inputs for systematic analyses of adaptations and innovations of social protection interventions in the global South.

Subsequently, socialprotection.org and the IPC-IG, in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ), SPACE and the United Nations Development Programme–Brazil Country Office (UNDP Brazil), launched an interactive dashboard with visual indicators developed based on the COVID-19 matrix. The goal of this interface was to provide detailed insights into countries’ social protection responses to the health crisis and a repository of experiences and government practices from all over the world.

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