Development of knowledge and technical support in social protection for UNICEF LACRO

Start Date: Status: Ongoing


The goal of this project is to support social protection knowledge generation and policy analysis in Latin America and the Caribbean.


UNICEF Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACRO)


Latin America and the Caribbean

Main Pillar

Knowledge Production

Thematic Area

Social Protection

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 1 - No Poverty , SDG 5 - Gender Equality

Project Results

1) Technical Notes:

This Technical Note was published in March 2020 and covers the initial mapping and description of social protection interventions used response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean. It also emphasises the importance of social protection policies in this context of crisis in the region and the vulnerable population groups. 

This Technical Note updates the first note, reviewing social protection interventions implemented as response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean. It includes an introduction about the pandemic socioeconomic impacts in the countries of the region, describing the social protection policies adopted to mitigate its effects. The Note has a section dedicated to social assistance interventions, focusing on cash transfer and school meal programmes. 

This Technical Note updates the previous note, reviewing social protection measures implemented as Covid-19 response in Latin America and the Caribbean until the beginning of July 2020. It focuses particularly on social insurance and labour market policies that have been adopted to mitigate the socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic. 


2) Webinar

The webinar was organised by UNICEF-Lacro together with IPC-IG. It covered the main findings of the report "Maternidad y paternidad en el lugar de trabajo en América Latina y el Caribe — políticas para la licencia de maternidad y paternidad y apoyo a la lactancia materna".

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