Social and racial inequalities as contributing factors to COVID-19 vulnerability in São Paulo, Brazil

Author: Sabrina L. Li ,Rafael H. M. Pereira ,Carlos A. Prete Jr. ,Alexander E. Zarebski ,Lucas Emanuel ,Pedro J. H. Alves ,Pedro S. Peixoto ,Carlos K. V. Braga ,Andreza A. de S. Santos ,William M. de Souza ,Rogerio J. Barbosa ,Lewis F. Buss ,Alfredo Mendrone ,Cesar de Almeida-Neto ,Suzete C. Ferreira ,Nanci A. Salles ,Izabel Marcilio ,Chieh-Hsi Wu ,Nelson Gouveia ,Vitor H. Nascimento ,Ester C. Sabino ,Nuno R. Faria ,Jane P. Messina

Abstract:While COVID-19 has significantly impacted the health of populations worldwide, there is still little evidence regarding its differential health effects on disadvantaged population groups. To address this knowledge gap, this One Pager presents the finding of a study that estimated the social and racial inequalities in the risk of hospitalisation and death by COVID-19, and showed how vulnerability to COVID-19 is shaped by pre-existing social and health inequities in São Paulo, Brazil’s most populous state.

Keywords:COVID-19; social and health inequalities
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Type/Issue:One Pager/472